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My Ideal Office

The aim of the project is to develop an ideal office in a Virtual Reality environment using Unity.

We were given an empty room that we had to fill with different models made either by ourselves or downloaded from the web. We also added sounds and interactions to make the whole experience more realistic and participated.

As a first encounter with Virtual Reality, the project allowed us to start understanding the issues and the potentialities of this technology.

The project has a video that can be found on youtube

The project was done as part of CS491 - Virtual and Augmented Reality, held by Professor Johnson at UIC.


Our office has many distinct features that makes it quite unique.

First of all, almost every small object can be picked up, moved and thrown around. Moreover, most of them will make a distinctive "thump" sound when colliding with other objects, with its volume being proportional to the impact velocity.
A nice feature to try are the cups, which can be stacked up one within each other just as they would in real life.

The Coca Cola machine also works as expected. When the user touches the big screen a new bottle is dropped and the user can enjoy a refreshing drink.
On a desk there is also a working Arduino prototype, with two LEDs that are alternatively turned on and off at the touch of a button.

Each Computer case also features a big gray button.
When it is pressed the corresponding screen will start Windows XP, showing the welcome screen for 3 seconds together with the famous XP startup sound, and then the default XP background. When the button is pressed again the screen shutoff with the XP shutdown screen (3 sec) and sound.

The iPhone also has a similar features. When the home button is pressed the screen turns on and the song "It's the end of the world as we know it" by REM can be heard whilst in close proximity. Pressing the home button again turns off both display and music.

The cactus also has a fun touch to it. When the user tries to touch a random pain scream is played to simulate him getting stung.

Finally, a sort of stereo controller can be found in the wall. From here the user can interact with the ambient sound, shuffling between multiple songs. As an extra feature, when "L'amor Toujour" is played the lights changes to a club style with multiple colors being project all around the room.

These sounds pervade all the room except for the noise room, where there is silent and it is possible, when getting closer, to hear the piano or the guitar playing.
In the kitchen the fridge also emits a low continuous noise simulating its motor.

Accessing the Project

The project is available on Google Drive in Project_1.

In the folder there is a zipped folders named "evl 491" which contains the source code of the project including all the resources.
The project can be built both for keyboard use and for the HTC VIVE by checking either the "interact with keyboard" or the "interact with wand".

3D Models and Sounds

In these projects we have used more than 90 3D models and more than 15 audio files.

Each of us has created 10 or more 3D models by himself and has added to the project 3D models available on the website in order to add at least 30 3D models per team member.

All credits can be found at the following links, one for each of the component of the team:

Comments and considerations

Experience a reproduction of a real space in Virtual Reality is amazing. By finding a good scale, the user can really feel to be in a real 3D space. But there are virtual advantages, of course! For instance, you can move quicker by using teleporting or, if you prefer, you can fly! However, you should pay attention: some of the movement can't be said to be properly "natural" movement: they can cause you headache! But let's go back to the advantages... Have you ever wanted do destroy your office or to have a party in it? With virtual reality you can now feel that experience and of corse, you will not destroy anything!