Overview of some Virtual and Augmented Reality devices, with a focus on potential applications and target market

Overview of the main issues regarding the financing of innovation and analysis of some solutions with the support of a case study

Creativity and Knowledge: how do they influence the design process and how can they be improved

The new Google Translate app provides a first access to augmented reality that could be used everyday.
But there are risks involved!

Virtual Reality allows to easily scale the real world.
What are the advantages and how could the be exploited.

Short Review on two projects made by classmates.
Focus on management on space and innovative approaches.

IKEA Place is making AR a useful tool for the everyday user.  Although being a very niche product, it leads the way for integrating AR into our lives

Pimax 8K represents a new milestone in VR headsets. Its unique resolution and FOV seem unbeatable, but there is a catch.

Holoportation represents a new communication medium for Augmented Reality that is bound to change long distance communication.

Seene has just launched a new app that can reconstruct 3D object almost in real-time using just a phone camera. Is this the future?

Interacting with the virtual world without controllers is the next big step in Virtual Reality. Between many, FINEXUS proposes  an innovative solution.